New from Mijello™, the Platinum Bulletproof 38 Palette for Watercolor features an innovative and substantial surface.  Its design utlizes wells conveniently angled toward the user, and gently slanted to provide the ideal variation in depth for controlling pigments.  The interior is crystal clear, allowing for consistant, accurate color representation between the palette and paper; and is constructed of the same durable, shockproof material used in the manufacturing of bulletproof glass.  The lid and base each have 19 wells arranged in a semi-arc around large mixing areas.  The non-porous interior cleans easily and its beautifully finished, pearly exterior is resilient enough to withstand years of studio use.  When in use, this palette opens to a spacious 14-1/2" x 14-3/4" and features a thumbhole groove that enables comfortable support by either left- or right-handed artists.  As a tabletop palette, it will rest flat with two (2) stabilizing rubber bumpers to prevent shifting while in use.  Product Size: 14.5" x 14.75" open; 7.5" x 14.5" closed.



• Durable, shock-proof material

• Crystal clear interior for true color representation

• 38 slanted wells, angled for user-friendly, easy access

• Large, uninterrupted mixing areas in lid with dual spaces in base

• Comfortable thumb grip for left- or right-handed artists

• Two (2) non-skid rubber bumpers for tabletop stability

ITEM NO.: #MWP-3038


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