The Mijello™ Studio Palette for Watercolor is unparalleled in its capacity, offering 55 large wells--50 traditional wells, plus five (5) corner wells--and three spacious mixing planes.  The wells are artfully arranged along the lid and base, angled toward the user to provide easy access to pigments, and deeply slanted to keep large portions of color in place.  The base has a split design with two sections of 15 wells each, arranged in semi-arcs around two mixing areas, while the lid has 20 wells organized around a large mixing plane.  Flanking each side of the inner lid are two specially designed zones for loading and wiping wider brushes, such as hake and broader flat brushes.  Five (5) additional corner wells accent this palette and can be used for pigment, masking fluid or mediums.  The Mijello™ Studio Palette opens to a generous 14-1/4" x 17-7/8" to reveal a non-porous, pure white interior that is easy to clean and resistant to staining.  A high density, absorbent sponge measuring 4-1/2" x 2-1/2" x 3/4" is also included for daubing brushes.  Product Size: 14.25" x 17.8" open; 8.9" x 14.25" closed.  This palette is the perfect companion for our new Mission Gold Watercolors Pure Pigment Set.



• 50 user-friendly wells PLUS 5 corner wells

• Three (3) large mixing areas

• Non-porous, pure white interior for true color representation

• Generously sized at 14-1/4" x 17-7/8" open

• Designated recesses for loading and wiping broader brushes

• High-density, foam dauber included

• Ideal companion to the Mission Gold Pure Pigment Watercolor Set:  #MWC-1524.


ITEM NO.:  #MWP-3055

*Click Here to view Mijello's color mixing suggestions, which create 28 additional colors from the 24 available in the Mission Gold Pure Pigment Set.



View a demonstration on filling the mijello studio palette with colors the coordinating mission gold pure pigment set.


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